American sets

American Mahjong players have special needs for their sets. American sets need to have Jokers and plenty of flowers. A typical American set is 166 tiles, when a regular Asian or European set is just 144 tiles. American players also like to use racks to hold their tiles instead of standing them on their edges and many sets contain betting chips instead of scoring sticks. Western indices on tiles are a must.

Many vintage sets don't have the right mix of tiles. Because the mixture of Jokers and flowers has varied a lot during the years, sets from before 1971 don't usually have the correct mix (that's when the current mix was chosen, and it hasn't changed since). That's bad news for American players who like old-fashioned sets. However, it's possible to find both vintage sets that can be fixed with stickers to match the modern requirements and modern sets that look like vintage sets. A good option is also to keep collecting and playing separate and get a nice modern set to use when playing.

Here you can find a selection of modern sets. Mahjong is popular enough in the United States to make finding sets easy and what's best, you can find a huge variety of different styles. Want a pink set? Sure. A completely black one for your inner goth? Easy. What's better, even a cool set like an all-black one will cost about $70-80, and you can get top-notch quality for that price. Happy shopping!

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