Mahjong is a true gem, an Asian classic imported to the Western world in 1920's and loved by generations of players since then. There are many varieties or flavours of Mahjong: American style, old Chinese, new Chinese, classic Japanese, modern Japanese or Reach, Vietnamese, Taiwanese... All different, yet fundamentally the same.

Whichever is your choice of Mahjong, you'll need Mahjong tiles to play the game. As with styles of play, there are also a large variety of different types of tiles available. The material varies — do you want bone and bamboo, classic bakelite or modern plastic? With Western indices or not? Do you need American Jokers or Japanese red fives? There are plenty of options.

For many the vintage sets are the favourite option. Mahjong stormed the Western world in 1920's, and there are plenty of vintage sets from that era. These are the sets your parents, grandparents or their parents used to play Mahjong when it first was popular in the USA. Here you can find the best vintage Mahjong sets from eBay auctions.

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Cardinal Mah Jongg sets

Thumbnail image for Cardinal Mah Jongg sets

Cardinal Industries – a very familiar name to a collector of vintage sets. If you want to find a Cardinal Mah Jongg set, look here.

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Enrobed tiles

Thumbnail image for Enrobed tiles

The most desired type of vintage set is probably the enrobed set. Butterscotch tiles enrobed with a darker frame look gorgeous.

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Vintage sets

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Find the best vintage mahjong sets right here. Cheap or expensive, old or new, you can find the set you want in eBay auctions.

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Bakelite and Catalin

Thumbnail image for Bakelite and Catalin

Bakelite is the material of choice when it comes to vintage mahjong sets. Find all bakelite and catalin mahjong sets you want here.

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American sets

American Mah Jongg racks

While vintage sets are fun to collect, many prefer playing with a modern set. Check out these American-style mahjong sets.

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Choosing the Rules

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Confused by the multitude of options when it comes to rules? Here’s some simple questions to help you choose which rules to use.

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Choosing the Right Set

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Do you need help choosing the correct set for your needs? Look no further. Read this and you’ll know what you need.

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